Historic civilizations such as the Mayas, Aztecs and many others have associated gemstones with mystical characteristics that add up to the precious character of these stones. Onyx has been associated with the mystery of evil and high tempers, whereas Sapphires have been considered to be a “˜mind opening” gem and also a strong antidote for poison.

In terms of weird magical powers, the amethyst has long been considered to prevent “drunkness” , bring peace of mind and even prevent fatal cases of poisoning. In the Middle Ages topaz was widely used as a healer against the plagues and considered to possess unique healing powers. For the Mayas and the Aztecs the Jade was the divine precious stone and it was used to decorate all ceremonial temples.

The developing of astrology has brought the association of the month of one’s birth with various gemstones. Blue topaz is known as December’s birthstone, Sapphire is the birthstone of September, Ruby is July’s birthstone and the Amethyst is the birthstone for February. These associations stem from the beliefs that some stones conduct energies of a particular zodiac sign or planet. Wearing a stone compatible to your zodiac sign or month of birth was seen as way for the energies of your sign to better influence your daily life.

For each zodiac sign one gemstone is considered to be compatible with the characteristics of the sign and allow for the “right” energy to be directed towards the “right” sign. Aquarius will be compatible with Garnet , Pieces with the Amethyst , Aries with the Bloodstone , Taurus with the Sapphire , Gemini with the Agate , Cancer with the Emerald , Leo with Onyx , Virgo with Cornelian , Libra with Chrysolite , Scorpio with Beryl , Sagittarius with Topaz and lastly but not least Capricorn with Ruby .

Even if these legends and associations do not have strong scientifically proven foundation s, they are adopted today as unique and creative marketing strategies to attract the curiosity and build the interests of customers for specific gemstones. Whether you believe in these associations or think it would be a nice idea to have your own gemstone, jewelry stores will have all the products to suit any of these beliefs, preferences or curiosities.