Gemstone Necklace From Mary of Burgundy, the first known recipient of a diamond engagement ring in 1477 up to today’ s   modern times precious stones and high quality jewelry have been a symbol associated with royalty, eternal prestige and eternal love.

Precious metals and precious gemstones have been modeled into creative expensive jewelry prices that range from royal crowns to today’s every girl’s dream. Precious gemstones are now the center pieces of today’s jewelry whether built into white or yellow gold, silver or a mix of all.

Diamond jewelry holds the highest place in terms of value and popularity. Known as pieces that will last forever through their blinding shine and eternal strength they are the symbol for eternal love that couples choose when sealing their engagement.

From the excusive royal prestigious families to the main stream Hollywood Industry diamonds are the statement of glamour, luxury and style. Popular culture in the US has allowed for diamond rings , necklaces and earrings to be considered the highest demanded jewelry pieces. Whether Marilyn Monroe was right or wrong about diamonds being a girl’s best friend, they sure are a girl’s most desired “friend”.

To cater for the needs of such a diverse customer base the jewelry industry has included semi precious gemstones in its large variety of products. They are included within a wide design range and allow for women and men to enjoy the beauty of a high quality jewelry piece at a lower price.

In an ever increasingly competitive world market , fashion designers and famous brand names have incorporated jewelry collections into their products, adding up to the scope and reach of the jewelry industry. From world known franchises such as Zales to high end exclusive jewelry boutiques you can now enjoy millions of designs at all imaginable prices .

A symbol for taste, elegance and luxury, precious gemstone jewelry pieces will be in eternal demand as the glamorous seals of life’s magic events such anniversaries, weddings, celebrations of love, gift giving or even at times celebrating the passion for elitist luxury items that will provide a clear statement about one’s social status.