Diamond Gemstones Welcome to the dazzling world of gemstones! You will find out all the shiny details about gem stones, what type of gemstones can be found out there and how from dusty hard rocks they transform into that precious shiny ring necklace or pendant in your nearby jewelry store.

More commonly known as gems, gemstones are pieces of minerals used in the art of making jewelry. They are usually colored, either opaque or transparent and according to their worth gems can be considered precious and semi-precious.

Precious gems are generally rare and have deep vivid colors. Only three gems are winning candidates for the title of “precious”: the vivid green jade, the deep mysterious blue sapphire and the passionate red ruby. Because natural high quality precious gems are very rare, the jewelry industry will usually use additional chemical processes to enhance the color, clarity of the stones or even synthetically create them so they can be proudly inserted into creative pieces various budgets can buy.

The most precious, worldwide known and desired is of course, the diamond, a symbol for eternal shine and strength and according to popular culture: “a girl’s best friend”. To assess the value of precious gemstones, specialists evaluate according to the so called “4 Cs”: color, cut clarity and carat weight. For colorless diamonds, the cut and the carat weight would be the determining factors in assessing their high value whereas for the other precious gems the quality of their color is one of the most important factors in determining their worth.

Precious gemstones come from all over the world, but there are various regions that are very well known for their precious gem: Brazil is one of the largest exporters of amethysts, certain African countries such as Sierra Leone are well known for the bountiful supply of diamonds and for some economies in the world, precious gem stone trade accounts for almost 30% of their trade volume.

Their rarity and increased value has generated throughout history various mythical interpretations that are associated with each gemstone. From antique beliefs that gems have healing powers to the modern association between one’s birth month and a specific gem there have been numerous mystical accounts people have created to add powerful dimensions to the rarity and preciousness of gems.

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